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Medicare now covers up to 8 over-the-counter COVID-19 tests EVERY MONTH.


The Medicare Over-The-Counter COVID-19 Test Initiative, which began April 4, 2022, provides 8 COVID-19 At Home tests each month for Medicare Part B and Medicare Advantage recipients through the end of the Public Health Emergency (PHE). Recipients may request up to 8 tests per month through approved healthcare providers, including TACKL Health.

TACKL Health is a licensed Clinical Medical Laboratory (NPI 1447972385; CLIA 11D2206242) and an authorized provider in the Medicare “Over-The-Counter COVID Test Initiative.”

Per the requirements of this initiative, you will never be charged for tests or any other associated costs. TACKL Health only provides approved FDA Emergency Use Authorized (EUA) rapid antigen over-the-counter (at-home) tests.


*TACKL Health will never ask you to provide your Medicare number over the phone, bill for services not provided, send unsolicited supplies, or ask you to pay any additional costs or co-pays*

If you need assistance filling out this form, or have questions about the program, please contact our customer service line at 1-888-705-6576. You can find the fact sheet regarding this Medicare initiative and answers to general questions at


•  CLIA Certified Point of Care Lab  •  DOT Certified  •  LabCorp Satellite Test Center   •  Blue Zone Certification
•  Certified Corporate Wellness Specialists

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