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We opened our first three in-airport COVID testing locations and became the first to bring 30-minute PCR testing to travelers - changing the face of travel COVID testing.


A Public Presence with a Dedication to Innovation


TACKL Health began COVID-19 testing operations with the mission of helping local companies to stay open and operating safely during the pandemic.

Safe in the Face

Quickly growing into 9 states, working with long-term care facilities, universities, films and Fortune 100 companies, we became experts at rapid-mobilization for large scale testing.


Rapid Mobilization for Large Scale Testing


What originally began as a simple mission to keep individuals safe and to reunite them with their loved ones during a novel pandemic quickly grew to something bigger than we ever imagined possible.

Now, TACKL Health is perfectly positioned at the forefront of shaping the very definition of “wellness optimization” in every aspect of life.

Now, we’re slated to open our wellness optimization stores at 7 US airport locations and 1 international airport.

As we continue to optimize wellness in travel, we have partnered with electric transportation companies to develop passenger optimization services for these new modes of future transportation — placing TACKL Health at the forefront of designing a completely new health and wellness industry.


Pioneering a New Frontier: Bringing Wellness Optimization to Every Aspect of Life


Continuing to expand our airport footprint, we grew to become the second largest in-airport COVID-19 testing company in the country — the largest of outside companies entering the airport space.

Becoming the Second Largest
in the US

TACKL Health opened our first outside retail wellness optimization storefront, Precision Wellness. Created as an innovation lab for services and products to be featured in the airports, expanded optimization protocols and a model for franchises.


Precision Wellness: An Innovation Lab for Wellness Optimization


At TACKL Health, our vision is to offer innovative, easily-accessible, and highly-effective health and wellness solutions to fit every aspect of your life...whether that's a quick 30-minute service to recharge while on a layover, or a long-term whole-body protocol in one of our local retail spaces. This vision, along with our proprietary optimization method, innovative retail model, and unique location positioning has propelled us to the forefront of today’s exciting regeneration of traditional health and wellness models.


Our mission is for our customers to truly understand their own unique health and to be able to access the best tools and products to meet both their short-term and long-term health and wellness goals — no matter where they are — in order to live every aspect of their life optimized.

We combine in-depth health and wellness testing with high-efficacy medical and wellness products and services — for you — based on exactly what your body needs. It’s a concept that’s also allowing us to take the principles of this model and apply them to non-traditional wellness spaces, like the travel industry. Because of our unique position in airports and as a partner developing passenger optimization services in the rapidly growing electric transportation sector, we have the incredible opportunity and task of defining what travel health and wellness means for the next generation.



A Legacy of Innovation Expertise

Our three co-founders, Kellie Huff, Curtis Faircloth and Lauren Hetzel come from diverse backgrounds but share common expertise and vision as experienced entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and “rain makers.”

Separately, they‘ve owned private healthcare practices, medical staffing agencies, special needs schools, publishing companies, restaurants, web hosting firms and real estate investment and interior design companies.

In each of these ventures, a common goal was present: To bring about innovation and change to an industry “status quo.”

And with TACKL Health, it‘s no different.


Founder, Chief Operating Officer


Co-Founder, CEO


Co-Founder, Chief Development Officer


Chief Medical Officer



Meeting You Where You Need it Most

As humans, we’re focused on wellness in every aspect of our lives — except when we're traveling. Instead, when we travel, we've gotten used to the idea that, more often than not, we're going to feel our worst. But that doesn't have to be the case. During the pandemic, TACKL became a national in-airport COVID testing company. Our goal was to help loved ones reconnect with each other, and to bring innovation to what was a confusing and stressful space. We were the first in-airport testing company to offer a 30-minute PCR test. We've continued our mission of bringing innovations in health and wellness to our customers.Now, we're redeveloping some of these spaces and expanding our airport footprint into "wellness optimization" stores. Here, we offer 30-minute-or-less services with high-impact results.We focus on the four Rs: Relax, Recharge, Restore, Revive…so that you can get back to feeling your best in less time than it takes to wait in that airport Starbucks line.We've coupled these services with try-it-here-first products and equipment, and — because of vendor partnerships due to our public presence in airports — the newest cutting-edge, well-health products, tech and services that are often not yet available to the general public. Think of it as “the Brookstone of Wellness retail.”This way, you can get all of the benefits you feel from the products you try out in-store at home, too.


Long-term Wellness

Getting back to feeling your best quickly when traveling is only part of the equation. We want your body to function at its best all the time…which is why we've begun expanding into retail stores outside of airports, too.We've opened our first street retail wellness optimization store, Precision Wellness by TACKL Health.We created to be the innovation lab for cutting-edge services and products offered at our airport locations, a hub for many of our corporate wellness programs and the model for the opening of additional wellness optimization stores around our airport locations.Here, we can take a deeper dive than most wellness stores and medspas. This is because of our medical designations, laboratory licensing, licensed healthcare practitioners and medical directors at our retail stores. In our retail spaces, we continue the focus on highly-effective, cutting-edge products and services…but now with the goal of long-term, lasting results. We focus on finding exactly what your body needs to perform at its best through in-depth biometric screening and vitamin level, wellness and DNA testing.We can even test for genetic predispositions, your biological age and how your body will interact with hundreds of prescription medications.We then tailor these results to your own personal goals, whether they’re related to energy, anti-aging and longevity, athletic performance, beauty, weight, fitness, sexual health, mental and emotional health or other things.


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