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Pre-Employment Screens

Reasonable Suspicion

Random Drug Tests

Post- Accident

Annual Drug Tests

Return to Work

Workplace Testing Services For

Additional Benefits of Workplace Drug Testing Programs

Reduce Absences

Employees who use drugs are 2.5 times likelier to be absent from work eight or more days per year.

Missed work by employees abusing pain medication alone adds up to $2,500 per person. 

Increase Productivity

 Employees who show up to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol are significantly less efficient and could decrease a business's productivity by as much as a third.

Decrease Turnover

Studies have consistently found drug use in the workplace is associated with higher employee turnover.

According to People Keep, replacing a salaried employee can cost an average of six to nine months' salary

Reduce Accidents

According to OSHA, 10% to 20% of work-related deaths test positive for drugs or alcohol. Additionally, a scary 40% of industrial workplace deaths are due to substance abuse.

Less Worker's Comp

Quest Diagnostics says drug users are five times likelier to file a workers' compensation claim.

However, employers who perform drug tests can apply to be certified as a Drug-Free Workplace, decreasing their yearly Worker's Comp by 7.5%.

Fewer Medical Costs

Medical costs of employees who abuse drugs is estimated to be as high as four times the cost of employees who don't use drugs.

Simple Oral Fluid Swab Test

Onsite or Virtual - Nationwide

30 Minute Results

Worker's Comp Premium Reduction

Drug Testing Highlights (Non-DOT Employees)

Employee Drug Testing On Demand

Nationwide Drug Testing On-Site or Virtually.

Conduct non-DOT employee drug testing on the spot with our 5, 6, 7, 10 or 12 panel easy-to-use saliva swab drug tests. Administered by our licensed healthcare professionals either on-site or virtually. 

Now, you can easily pre-screen or test your employees at any of your locations and receive the official result reports in minutes.

On-Site DOT and Urinalysis Testing

For those companies requiring DOT testing, - or simply urinalysis testing - we offer DOT-certified on-site urinalysis testing services. Schedule a consultation call or request a quote to further discuss your DOT Testing needs.

Hire Faster...

and Get Back to the

Business of Doing Business

In Today's Job Market, Every Minute Counts.

Forget waiting for drug test results to come back. 


In this job market, waiting on pre-employment drug test results could mean the difference between making a great hire, or losing them to another company while you wait for their results. 


And for current employees, each minute on the clock is valuable - and losing an employee for hours in the day for off-site testing doesn't need to be the norm anymore. 


With 30 minute drug test results, you'll be able to make hiring decisions without external delay - and ensure your current employees are making the most of their work day.

It is so rare to receive the time, attention, professionalism, and kindness of companies these days. Each and every time I have required asistance, you have responded so quickly and efficiently. I want to sincerely thank you for this...for making my days and tasks easier...for being so friendly and kind.

Kathleen M.

TACKL Health customer

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