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Saliva-based Drug Testing Vs. Urine-based Drug Testing

In companies with drug testing policies, more employers are switching to mouth swab drug tests. A great choice for pre-hire, incident or random drug tests. TACKL Health offers Point of Care online testing and lab analysis with official report, so everything is managed on site and without delay.

In some industries, businesses are required by law to test employees for drug use. Under Executive Order 12564, all federal employees working in the following fields are subject to mandatory drug testing:

  • law enforcement

  • national security

  • the protection of life and property

  • public health or safety

  • other functions requiring a high degree of public trust

Mouth swab drug tests are an alternative to urine drug tests. They are easier to carry out and much more difficult to cheat because the sample collection takes place under supervision and direct observation.

Ditch the messy, time consuming collection of urine and 24-72 hour wait for results.

Here are 5 reasons why Saliva-Based Drug Testing outperforms Urine-Based Drug Testing.

  1. Non-invasive: Saliva-based drug testing is less invasive than urine-based drug testing since it only requires the individual to provide a saliva sample. Urine-based drug testing requires the individual to provide a urine sample, which can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for some people.

  2. Convenient sample collection: Saliva-based drug testing is easier to collect and less time-consuming than urine-based drug testing. The individual can provide the saliva sample themselves, while urine samples often require a supervised collection to prevent tampering or cheating.

  3. Quicker results: Saliva-based drug testing can provide quicker results than urine-based drug testing. Saliva tests typically provide results within a few minutes, while urine tests can take several days to process in a laboratory.

  4. Better detection of recent drug use: Saliva-based drug testing is more sensitive to recent drug use than urine-based drug testing. Drugs typically remain detectable in saliva for a shorter period of time than in urine, meaning saliva-based tests can detect drug use within a few hours to a day after use.

  5. Reduced risk of sample contamination: Saliva-based drug testing has a lower risk of sample contamination than urine-based drug testing. Urine samples can be easily adulterated or substituted, whereas saliva samples are more difficult to tamper with. This can provide greater accuracy in drug testing results.

The cost of saliva-based drug testing may vary depending on the specific test and testing options utilized. In some cases, saliva-based drug testing may appear more expensive than urine-based drug testing. However, the convenience, accuracy, and speed of saliva-based drug test results provide cost savings in the long term, especially when considering the costs associated with retesting, potential legal fees, or lost productivity due to drug-related incidents in the workplace.

Contact us for a demonstration of just how easy Saliva-Based Drug Testing is to implement for improving speed of hiring, increasing accuracy and cutting costs. Click on the photo above to schedule or request a quote.

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