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The TACKL Health Team

TACKL Health as an organization was developed to pool the best products and resources to give organizations their best shot at tackling COVID-19. Our founding team and advisory board have expert backgrounds in healthcare, education, institutional safety, long term care, and private industry. We've combined our knowledge with that of leading legal, insurance, and HR minds to create the most comprehensive solution to the challenges of COVID-19 in the business and manufacturing, education, film, and long term care industries.

G. Eddie Patten Sr.

Director of Human Resources

Catherine Cooper

Director, Affiliate Relations

Curtis Faircloth

President, Co-Founder

Kellie Huff

Vice President, Co-Founder

Lauren Hetzel

Vice President, Business Development, Co-Founder

The Advisory Board
Gerald A. Witherell, MD
Gerald A. Witherell, MD
Josh Mallard
Josh Mallard

Josh is a former collegiate and professional football player, for the University of Georgia, the Indianapolis Colts, Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals and Las Vegas Locomotives. He has founded and owned numerous successful businesses, including Savannah Life Sciences, a national sales and distribution organization focused on implementing innovative solutions for patients, healthcare providers, hospital networks and ACOs in a rapidly changing healthcare environment.

James Harmon
James Harmon

James Harmon brings 15 years of dynamic healthcare leadership experience in laboratory, pharmacy, and technology sales. He currently serves as the CEO of Meta Pharmacy Solutions, focusing on delivering precision based medicine to physicians throughout the country. James’ strength is in leveraging relationships with medical service providers to provide clients with elite, patient centric medical solutions and marketing groups with scalable, financial opportunities.

Michael A. Yorio
Michael A. Yorio

Former defense industry executive, Michael Yorio is recognized as a foremost national school security thought leader, advocate, and subject matter expert. Michael created the most comprehensive approach to institutional safety and served in an advisory capacity to multiple state and federal policy makers, agencies such as DOE and NIJ, and school officials. He has held numerous executive leadership positions over the past 17 years, with over 25 years overall corporate experience and acumen.