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In-Airport Travel Health & Wellness Concessions Spaces


As one of the largest in-airport COVID-19 testing company in the country, TACKL Health is in the unique position to work with these airports to develop long-term traveler health and wellness solutions. We have closely examined both traveler and airport health interests moving into a post-COVID travel world and have created a unique combination of "urgent care light" and wellness bar focused on meeting these interests and needs.


We are in the process of transitioning our current in-airport COVID-19 testing sites into travel health spaces catered to mid-sized airports. These sites are designed to take up less space, offer fast, personable service, and provide an engaging experience for travelers.


We have partnered with another in-airport urgent care company (First Call Medical) for the transition to travel health clinics within our current airport locations, and for the expansion of the these spaces into additional airports.


These travel health spaces focus on the whole of traveler wellbeing, centered on the most common travel health related needs, as well as customized wellness. At the same time, these will allow for airport workforce and workforce family health services.

Dynamic Spaces

These spaces are customized to specific airport needs and available space. They serve as dynamic locations that serve three purposes:

Addressing specific health and wellness needs for travelers targeted to the most common travel ailments and wellness interests.

Providing a easy, accessible option for airline and airport employee testing.

Creating an interactive space that draws travelers in, not only because they may have an ailment in the moment, but because there is an "experience" at the location that they may not have the opportunity to otherwise experience.

If you are an airport or concessions representative looking for a travel health and wellness site for your location, please contact Lauren Hetzel at 404-217-4148 or for more information or to discuss your needs.