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  • Young Goose Pro C.A.R.E

Young Goose Pro C.A.R.E


Age-Reversing Serum

A science-based serum that visibly improves signs of aging while combating inflammation and oil production. This serum is a result of years of scientific work and clinical research.  ProC.A.R.E.® is an exclusive multi-purpose product delivering powerful, proven age-reversing and acne prevention benefits. The only topical product that has been clinically proven to eliminate senescent cells in humans.


  • Lessens the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Shield from environmental toxins, free radicals
  • Lessen Progerin, the skin aging protein
  • Lessens blackheads, and breakouts, and improves pore appearance
  • Helps to calm redness and rosacea


Skincare Routine:

Apply after cleansing and tonight and before moisturizer.


Suited to

All skin types


Skin feel

Brightens skin and evens skin tone, Plump skin appearance with hyaluronic boost

Biohacking Tips:

  • Eliminate senescent, harmful cells and
  • Use daily to get the most poreless and glowing skin possible
  • Mix with your favorite foundation to maximize the glow effect

Key ingredients

Undarine Algae Extract Responsible for rebooting 14 genes that deactivate over time while aging. The concentrated Undarine Algae Extract re-densifies the extracellular matrix (ECM) as it works as a genetic stimulant to smooth forehead wrinkles, plump nasal furrows, and decrease lines above the lips.

Marine Algae Extract:  A gene modulator, this extract is proven to decrease the skin’s Progerin levels and reactivate the metabolism of aging cells, resuming activity frequently found in the skin of patients 20 years younger.

Vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate): Present at 3%, this antioxidant, skin brightening-booster helps reverse sun damage and prevent it by shielding from UVA as well as UVB. This lipid-soluble form of vitamin C rapidly and easily penetrates the skin, delivering therapeutic levels needed to boost collagen and elastin production.

Lilac Cell Culture Extract: At ProC.A.R.E.® concentration, Lilac Cell Culture Extract has resulted in a visible reduction in the number of active acne lesions. These certified organic cell cultures reactivate youthful genes, lessen inflammation and redness, reduce breakouts and pore appearance while fighting free radicals.

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