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  • The Nue Co. Defense Drops
  • The Nue Co. Defense Drops

The Nue Co. Defense Drops


To stop you from catching whatever’s going around, DEFENSE DROPS has got you covered.

A liquid tincture harnessing the immunoregulatory properties of echinacea, plus a hardworking trio of adaptogenic herbs: eleuthero, astragalus, and schisandra berry. When we’re stressed, our immune system takes a direct hit thanks to the increase in “fight or flight” hormones. These herbal extracts lessen their impact on the immune system and help shield the body from illness.

Echinacea is proven to shorten the severity and duration of a cold by increasing white blood cell count. The organic echinacea in DEFENSE DROPS is boosted with organic rosemary (naturally antifungal and antibacterial) and adaptogen eleuthero. Studies showed that healthy people who took 10 ml of eleuthero tincture 3 times per day had an increase in certain T lymphocytes (white blood cells) important to normal immune function.

Prolonged stress is the fastest way to impair our natural immune function, and adaptogens have been proven to help reduce the impact. We use a carefully-selected blend of adaptogens in our DEFENSE DROPS (eleuthero, astragalus, and schisandra berry) to support normal immune function. These extracts have a normalizing (amphoteric) effect on the body, meaning they help to balance physiologic function that has been disrupted by stress.

All of our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced, ensuring that each ingredient is clean, potent and proven.

Increases white blood cell count

Supports normal immune function

Powerful adaptogen


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