The AATSS, now with a whole suite of new software features, including:

  • Email notifications, as well as an alert/push notification to a computer monitor at a security desk/secretary desk. (Text notifications coming soon!)
  • A wide variety of customization options
  • Alarm sound on/off
  • Face mask detection, to require or not require a face mask
  • Authentication for automated doors [facial recognition & temperature]
  • Sensitivity of facial recognition (tolerance levels)
  • Temperature range customization (what temperature triggers alarm)
  • Storing data logs, and exporting this data in excel format
  • Adding people to a "whitelist" database for facial authorization and logging, or a blacklist that prevents people from passing
  • Speaking into a microphone on the computer monitor side and playing that voice through a speaker (one-way)
  • Access camera live feed
  • WiFi (Requires WiFi bridge connector accessory)


What's included:

  • Wall Mount (Unless another mounting option is chosen, which then replaces the wall mount)
  • 10ft Power Cable
  • Software Instruction Manual


This model is integration-ready! Able to connect to your computer through the LAN network via ethernet cable, settings are easily accessible through IP addresses just like how you would make changes to your modem. Setup requires no programming or expert knowledge. 


Dimensions: 8.92" x 4.72" x 1.00"

AATSS V2 - Integration Software Enabled

  • Anywhere in the continental United States & Canada. Due to high demand, delivery times may take up to 14 days, typically 10 days.