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Workplace Safety is only a Saliva-Based Drug Test Away

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Ensuring workplace safety is of paramount importance for any organization. A safe working environment not only protects employees but also promotes productivity and reduces the risk of accidents.

One crucial aspect of maintaining workplace safety is implementing an effective drug testing program for employees.

Traditionally, drug testing has been conducted through urine samples, but advancements in technology have led to the emergence of saliva-based drug testing programs, which offer numerous advantages.


One of the significant advantages of saliva-based drug testing programs is their non-invasive nature. Collecting saliva samples is much simpler and less intrusive than collecting urine samples. Employees can provide a saliva sample easily, without the need for special facilities or extensive privacy measures.

This convenience encourages greater participation and reduces resistance among employees, leading to a higher rate of compliance with the drug testing program.


Saliva-based drug testing provides real-time results, allowing for immediate detection of drug use. Unlike urine tests that may require samples to be sent to a lab and analyzed, saliva tests provide instant results on-site. This rapid response time enables employers to identify potential drug use quickly and take appropriate actions to ensure workplace safety.

Immediate detection of drug use is especially crucial in safety-sensitive industries such as transportation, manufacturing and construction.


Saliva-based drug testing programs are capable of detecting a wide range of drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opioids and more. The ability to detect multiple substances makes saliva testing comprehensive and effective. With the increasing prevalence of drug use, especially in the midst of the opioid crisis, having a testing program that can identify various drugs is crucial for maintaining a safe workplace.


Compared to urine tests, saliva-based drug testing is more difficult to manipulate or adulterate. Employees may attempt to cheat urine tests by diluting their samples or using detoxifying agents.

With saliva testing, however, there are fewer opportunities for tampering.

The samples are collected under direct supervision, reducing the chances of sample substitution or adulteration. This ensures the integrity of the testing process and provides more accurate results.


Saliva-based drug testing programs can also be more cost-effective for organizations. Since the samples can be collected on-site, there is no need to send them to a laboratory for analysis, reducing the overall cost of testing.

Additionally, the simplicity of the collection process minimizes the need for specialized training or extensive sample handling procedures, further lowering costs. Employers can implement saliva-based testing programs without incurring significant financial burdens.


The presence of a saliva-based drug testing program acts as a deterrent against drug use in the workplace.

Knowing that they may be subject to regular testing discourages employees from engaging in drug-related activities during work hours. The fear of potential consequences, such as termination or disciplinary actions, promotes a drug-free workplace culture and enhances safety.


Saliva-based drug testing programs offer numerous advantages that make them a valuable tool to employers looking to enhance workplace safety.

  • Non-invasive nature

  • Real-time testing capabilities

  • Wide range of detection

  • Resistance to manipulation

Additionally, the cost-effectiveness and deterrent effect of saliva testing contribute to a safer working environment.

By implementing such programs, organizations can prioritize the well-being of their employees, minimize the risk of accidents and foster a productive and drug-free workplace.


At TACKL Health, we’re committed to generating greater awareness and working toward a solution to the current opioid/fentanyl crisis.

We’re here to help you implement an effective drug-screening program for your company, with on-demand testing in-person and online. We offer multiple types of drug testing including saliva or urine drug tests from 5-12 substances, including Fentanyl, and provide certified reports for your record keeping.

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