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Kevin G.


Dear TACKL Management,


I am writing in appreciation of the help I received at your facility in Cleveland Hopkins Airport on April 5. Due to a miscommunication between United Airlines and Japanese Immigration over proper Covid filing procedures I was denied boarding on my return flight to Japan on that day. As there's a maximum of 72 hour period between a Covid test and boarding permission I was forced to get another test. Naturally being denied access to boarding to a flight due to no fault of my own and the resulting cost of over $400 in taxis, tests, and hotel for the extra day put me in a very sour mood. Even with my less than jovial demeanor, the staff at TACKL was understanding of my predicament and after giving me the test, the test giver graciously offered to buy me a sandwich for lunch at the airport Subway Shop. That small act of kindness totally beyond any requirements of the position put a little bit of sunshine in an otherwise absolutely horrible situation. The rest of the staff was also sympathetic and supportive. It was a very bad day at the end of a very bad trip taken not as a vacation, but rather to solve problems with my American bank. Still what could have been an absolute disaster was made at least marginally better by the kindness of your staff. 


Please pass along my thanks and appreciation.

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