Frequently Asked Questions


Is testing covered by insurance?

TACKL Health accepts insurance for our Standard PCR and Antigen tests. However, full payment is required for our 30 Min. PCR tests. Reimbursement is also available but it is up to the customer to get the needed information and to file.

I need the TAX ID, PROCEDURE CODES, DIAGNOSTIC CODES, etc. for insurance, where do I get this?

TACKL does not have this information, the lab that processed the sample will need to be contacted - the contact information for the lab is on the results report.
Helpful information may also be found here.


How do I make an appointment to be tested?

Appointments can be made in advance online under the “Public Testing Locations” tab and are location specified. All of our testing sites allow walk-ups as well.

How much is testing?

Testing prices vary at each testing site and the prices can be found under the “Public Testing Locations” tab.

How long will it take to get my PCR results back and how are they sent to me?

There is no guarantee with the time it takes to receive test results, although it usually takes up to 3 days after the sample is taken for customers to receive their results. Results are sent via an encrypted email from TACKL to the email address that is provided. If you were tested at the Grand Rapids location your results will be emailed to you by the lab, if you have not received them please contact TACKL.

Does the return time of the PCR results start after I am tested?

No. All samples are sent out at the end of the business day in batches, therefore the turnaround time starts once the sample has been received by the lab.

Do you do testing on Sundays?

Yes, our testing locations and times can be found on the “Public Testing Locations” tab. If you are planning on being tested on a Sunday please consider that your sample will not be received at the lab until the following Monday evening as mail delivery does not run on Sundays.

Is TACKL/the lab performing the tests CLIA registered/certified?

Yes TACKL and our third party labs are CLIA registered and certified.
If you are in need of the CLIA number for any reason it is provided on your results, otherwise we do not give this information out.

What is the youngest age someone can be tested?

TACKL Health does not have an age minimum set in place, we test all ages.

I need my results ASAP, can I pay extra to have my sample/test expedited or put at top priority or can I deliver my sample to the lab myself?

Unfortunately there is no way to expedite testing, we apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

I am traveling out of the country, what test is required for my destination?

It is up to the customer to do this research as every airline and country has different requirements. We recommend you contact the country’s embassy or the airline directly to obtain this information.

Can I pay the combo price for testing but get the tests done on different days?

No, both tests must be done on the same day, no exceptions.

What is the rapid test and what is the brand? Is a rapid test and antigen test the same?

The rapid and antigen tests are the same thing. The antigen test is a lateral flow device and usually takes around 30 minutes to get results back to the customer. The brand of the test is AccessBio CareStart.

Is the PCR test that TACKL uses a RT-PCR test?



I cannot open the email that contains my results, what do I do?

The email is encrypted through Virtu meaning the customer will need to verify themselves before the email is unlocked. You first need to open the protected email and click “verify my email”. This will send another email to you in which you will open it and verify your identity. Once the verification email has been processed, you then go back to the original email, which is now unlocked, and your results are attached as a PDF.
We use Virtu and email encryption to stay compliant with HIPAA regulations and for patient confidentiality.

If you need further assistance please follow click this link.

It’s been 72 hours, where are my PCR results?

Sometimes the email that contains the results will go to your spam or junk email, please check there before contacting TACKL. If you were tested at Grand Rapids the lab is to send results but sometimes there are errors or emails were not provided, in this case contact TACKL and provide us with your name, day of test, and a working email address to send the results to.

My name, date of birth, gender, etc. is wrong on my results, what do I do?

We highly recommend verifying your information with the test collectors and to write legibly and clear as this is the main reason results have incorrect information on them. The lab inputs exactly what is written down on your lab requisition form. Although mistakes do happen, in this case please either contact the lab who ran your sample or TACKL. The changes can take up to an hour to be made and re-sent to you as it requires a scientist to step away from running tests to alter information and re-submit results to TACKL.