Savannah, ga

Coach's Corner
3016 E Victory Dr.
Savannah, GA 31404

 Monday-Friday 8am-2pm

Tests Offered 
PCR Test ($95): This is the diagnostic laboratory test most often required for traveling into a state, region or country that requires a COVID-19 test. Please look at local regulations to determine whether this is the correct test for you. Results sent via email in 2-3 days.

Rapid PCR Test ($275): This is a Rapid PCR Test with results in just 30 minutes. Nearly 100% accurate results (more accurate than antigen. We don't need to follow up a positive with another confirmatory PCR like we do with positive antigens, since they are PCR tests). FDA EUA authorized. 

Rapid Antigen Test ($65): This is a rapid diagnostic test. This allows you to quickly assess whether you may be currently infected with COVID-19. Any positive result should be followed with a PCR test for confirmation. Results sent via text message. Results in 30-90 minutes.

Antibody Test ($45): Results in 30-90 minutes and sent via text message.

PCR & Rapid Antigen Combo ($135)
PCR, Rapid Antigen, Antibody Test Combo ($150)

*Please allow for an additional day for PCR test results if testing the day before or on a federal holiday, or testing on a Sunday*