Pipette Inserted Into Test Tube






COVID-19 Nasopharygeal (Nasal) Swab Test

  • RT-PCR Clinical diagnostic level test

  • Results in 24-72 hours

  • No minimum order requirement

  • Ideal for school, restaurant, hotel, senior living, auto dealership, or corporate companies, and individuals

  • Easy to test individuals quickly and/or multiple times or regularly (ex: many companies are choosing to provide a standard testing schedule to employees)

  • Easier to get out in front of an outbreak or get one under control

  • Requires physician oversight and interpretation of results in our US CLIA labs

  • Cash or insurance payments available


Concierge Testing

  • We come directly to you to test (at your home or at your business location (for employers)

  • Testing for individuals or for businesses testing their employees

  • Our qualified healthcare professionals administer the tests- can not be administered without a healthcare professional

  • $150/test

  • $100/location concierge fee

  • You can get more info about setting up a testing appointment here, or we can work with you to set up a regular testing schedule

  • No minimum order requirement

Direct Sale of Tests

  • For companies with healthcare practitioners on staff to administer the tests, so only the test kits are needed

  • These companies may include medical offices, nursing homes, senior living communities, etc

  • $125/test

  • No minimum order requirement

  • Depending on time of day orders are placed, tests can often be overnighted. Shipping available throghout the US

  • Option to become a TACKL affiliate