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Coach's Corner Covid-19 Testing Basics

Just the facts.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday including federal holidays unless otherwise noted. 

8 AM - 6 PM


10 AM - 2 PM


Please note that for Standard PCR tests, labs are closed on Sundays and all federal holidays. 

Site Location:

3016 E. Victory Drive. Savannah, Georgia. 31404. Located behind Coach's Corner.

Appointments and Walk-Ups Accepted

Appointments are accepted, but are not necessary for testing.

There is no penalty for cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. 

Covid - 19 tests and Pricing

Rapid RT-PCR - Avg. 30 Minutes: $275

Rapid Antigen - Avg. 15 Minutes: $95

Standard RT-PCR -  Avg. 24-72 Hours*: $129

Over the Counter At-Home Test - $19 with $20 tele-testing option

Customer Service:


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COVID-19 Tests Offered

30 Minute RT-PCR

Nearly 100% accurate results (more accurate than antigen. We don't need to follow up a positive with another confirmatory PCR like we do with positive antigens, since they are PCR tests). FDA EUA authorized. 

15 Minute Antigen

This is a rapid diagnostic test. This allows you to quickly assess whether you may be currently infected with COVID-19. Any positive result should be followed with a PCR test for confirmation. 

Standard RT-PCR

This is the diagnostic laboratory test most often required for traveling into a state, region or country that requires a COVID-19 test. Results sent via email in 2-3 days.

At-Home Test

We call it a TACKL Box. It covers everything you need to do an at home test with the ability to do Tele-testing and receive your official, travel-accepted result report.