Thank you for choosing TACKL Health to administer your COVID-19 test. The information you provide to your TACKL Health is protected and complies with U.S. HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) requirements.


TACKL Health offers both PCR testing and rapid antigen testing. Your PCR test results will come back in 2-3 days, on average. The rapid antigen tests are resulted in 15 minutes. Both are diagnostic tests that identify an active COVID-19 case. All of our tests are administered by licensed, trained healthcare professionals. They will make this as quick and comfortable for you as possible.


For questions, please contact our customer service line at 216-677-0366.

*Please have your ID ready to verify your registration when you arrive for your test*
We accept walk-ups and appointments booked ahead. You can schedule your appointment below.
Your COVID-19 Test at the CLE Airport
Types of Tests
PCR Test ($135): This is the diagnostic laboratory test most often required for traveling into a state, region or country that requires a COVID-19 test. Please look at local regulations to determine whether this is the correct test for you. Results in 2-3 days
Rapid Antigen Test ($95): This is a rapid diagnostic test. This allows you to quickly assess whether you may be currently infected with COVID-19. Any positive result should be followed with a PCR test for confirmation. Results in 15 minutes.
Both Tests ($175): A rapid antigen test with results in 15 minutes, plus a PCR test with results in 2-3 days.
Antigen tests results will be sent to your phone via text message. Result time: 15-20 min
PCR test results will be emailed to the email address you placed on file when you registered for your test. Result time: 2-3 days
*Please allow for an additional day for PCR test results if testing the day before or on a federal holiday*
COVID-19 Test Process
if you have not scheduled an appointment, you will be able to register for the test when you walk up to the registration counter.
1. Temperature screening. Your healthcare practitioner will preform a temperature screen at the beginning of your testing session.
2. Testing. You will be guided to one of our private testing spaces. These are sanitized completely in between each test. Here, your healthcare practitioner will administer your PCR or antigen COVID-19 diagnostic test.
3. Resulting. If you have selected a PCR test, your healthcare practitioner will place your sample into the test tube. This is then placed into a secure biohazard bag. Your specimen is couriered to the lab on the day of collection
If you have selected a rapid antigen test, your healthcare provider will place your sample into the resulting tray for processing.
4. Rapid Antigen Test Notification: You will receive your results to your phone via text message. Result time frame: 15-20 minutes
5. PCR Test Notification: You will receive your results to the email address you provided when you registered for your test. Result time frame: 2-3 days


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