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COVID-19 Solutions

TACKL Health is a full service solution in the fight against COVID-19.  Our expertise is in rapid mobilization for large scale operations. We operate in dozens of locations across the country, and have a keen understanding of the logistics required to successfully execute these operations. We work with medium and large clients, including airports, long term care groups, corporations, films, and schools and universities.

Currently, TACKL Health is the second largest in-airport COVID-19 testing company in the United States. 

Our Unique Approach to Large Scale COVID-19 Solutions

We offer a unique model that allows our operations to scale rapidly. We have quickly expanded from our initial hub in Savannah to locations nationwide. We work with large scale clients including airports, the film industry, long term care groups, schools and universities, medium and large manufacturers, and the hospitality industry to quickly build out operations in locations that best serve their needs. We have utilized this approach successfully nationwide and are conducting thousands of COVID-19 tests a week.

If you are an employer or HR director looking for a large-scale solution in your industry, contact us at 912-373-7751 to find out how TACKL Health can mobilize to meet your needs.

What can TACKL Health do for you?

We work with each of our clients to create a comprehensive solution that best fits their individual needs. We take into account number of employees, type and regularity of interaction employees have with each other and with the general public, CDC recommendations, and state regulations to offer a tailored solution that best fights against COVID-19.

We Offer:

  • COVID-19 Testing

  • Corporate COVID-19 Testing Nationwide

  • Employer Testing Dashboard

  • COVID-19 Vaccinations

  • Travel Health and Wellness Clinics

  • Laboratory Testing

  • Telemedicine

  • DNA Wellness Testing

  • PPE

  • Sanitization Systems


See the map below for our current locations.

Our operations are constantly expanding. If you have a need in a city that is not listed, contact us to see how we may be able to service your area.